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Kam UV Bar & 2 x Moonglow Eco Lighting Package

Kam UV Bar & 2 x Moonglow Eco Lighting Package

Code: 1UV2MG

* Special bulk buy package - 1 x UV Bar & 2 x Moonglow Eco Lights!

* Kam UV Bar - Top selling UV Dark/Black Light!

*Moonglow Eco - Amazing rotating disco lights - perfect for Clubbercise!


Save money on your lighting when buying a package! Based on customer feedback and our own experience, we've put these lighting packages together to help you out when choosing lights. This package includes a Kam UV Bar which is small, portable and very easy to use. Wear plenty of neon and have the room as dark as possible for best UV effects! This combined with 2 x Moonglow lights will create the perfect party atmosphere! This package is ideal for fitness and dance classes and is particularly good if you're new and need a few lights to get you started. Turn the lights low, plug these in around the room and let the party begin!

Key features...

Kam UV Bar Black Light:

- Light source: 9 x 3w UV LEDs

- Power supply: 220-240V / 50/60Hz

- Power consumption: 30w

- Metal chassis and mounting brackets

- Dimensions: 468 x 50 x 50mm (not inc bracket)

- Weight: 1Kg

Moonglow Eco Lights:

- Produces multiple crisp, bright Tri-colour beams from 6 x 1w LEDs

- No fan due to cool running

- Sound control via built-in microphone

- Number of LEDs: 6 x 1w

- Max ambient temperature: 45C

- Max housing temperature: 50C

- Power supply: 90-250V AC, 50Hz-60Hz

- Fuse: F1A, 250V

- Power consumption: 20w

- Current: 0.28A

- Dimensions (WxHxD): 170 x 140 x 175mm

- Weight: 0.9Kgs

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