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Trantec S4.4 UHF ACTIVE Headset Mic System

Trantec S4.4 UHF ACTIVE Headset Mic System

Code: IS0226

* New Trantec fitness model

* High quality

* UHF system

* HM-33 Aerobic / Dance Headset


Quality built UHF fitness mic system based on the award winning S4000 model.This new Trantec S4.4A UHF microphone system boasts a multi-function receiver allowing you to flick between 4 switchable frequencies helping to avoid clash with other fitness or dance instructors.The only difference between this model and the more expensive Trantec Fitness Mic System is the Headset. The more expensive system comes complete with the TS46 sweat resistant Fitness Headset, whereas this system comes with the HM33 Headset.Overall this is a robust durable system which is very easy to set up and use.Perfect for low-medium class use. If you teach more than 4-5 classes per week then we recommend the slightly more expensive Trantec TS46 sweat resistant system.

Package Includes...

Trantec HM33 Headset with 3.5mm locking jack plug

S4.4 Multi-frequency (4 channel) Dual Diversity Receiver

S4.4 Body-Pack Transmitter (4 channel) with locking 3.5mm jack socket

Foam Windshield (protects mouth piece)

Please Note: This system doesn't come with ac onnecting lead to sound equipment.

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